Attention College Students on Allergy Shots

College Students:

Will you be going to college this Fall?

Take a Consent Form from the office and submit before the summer deadline:

Monday July 22nd, 2019

Any forms received after the deadline will be charged a $25 rush fee!


2019 College Student Summer Check List:

Freshman students must schedule a Nurse Visit before leaving for school IF this is your FIRST TIME taking serum out of our office

Make sure you have had your annual follow up this summer with one of our Providers

Make sure you are up to date on your allergy shots

Make sure you have requested your serum refill if needed over the summer

Make sure you have filled out your consent to transfer form for college including the name of the college, the address, phone/fax #, and the DATE you plan on returning to school

Any college more than 50 miles away from this office will need to have serum shipped – no exceptions!

Any college-specific paperwork that needs to be filled out will be charged a $20 fee and needs to be submitted before serum is shipped out

Any serum coming back into our office must have allergy shot records attached – very important!


*Any questions regarding taking serum out to college and/or paperwork that is needed please speak to the SHOT NURSE*