Allergy Shot Patients

In an effort to keep current with guidelines for COVID-19 prevention, we are limiting our allergy shots to BY APPOINTMENT ONLY and are scheduled through your patient portal. Masks are optional. Please come with only one caregiver if needed.

Due to the ongoing situation with COVID 19 we may at times have to update our schedules. We thank you for your support and patience and ask that you check our website regularly. 

If you have not received an allergy injection for an extended period of time and are unsure of your current dosing schedule, please contact our lab supervisor for an update. We will do our best to return you to your previous schedule.

As a reminder, our last few appointments of the day have firm arrival times.  Late patients will not be given a shot if they arrive after their scheduled appointment, especially near the near the end of the day.  Please allow for traffic and parking needs.  Plan to arrive 5 min before your scheduled shot appointment so that you are not turned away.

Our staff will accommodate late arriving allergy shot patients by either 1) offering another appointment time that day or 2) rescheduling their appointment to another day.  If you have arrived after we have closed or arrive late for your allergy shot, we will not be able to give you one that day.  Also, if your personal schedule has changed or if our hours of operation are not in alignment with yours, please talk to our staff about alternative sites of care for you to receive your serum from Allergy and Asthma Associates.