Job Posting: Allergy Serum Lab Supervisor

Serum Lab Supervisor. Sterling, VA. Oversee all operations of the allergy serum lab. Tasks include but are not limited to preparation of allergy extracts, oversight and management of the serum lab, upholding absolute aseptic techniques, presenting monthly to department oversight meetings, training support lab technicians, and supply organization. Required: Bachelor Degree in Chemistry or closely related field. Also requires experience in each of the following: 1) laboratory experience; 2) completion of annual testing demonstrating training and knowledge of mixing extracts; 3) dilution of prepared serum; 4) sterile technique and strict adherence to the USP Chapter 797 guidelines.

Send resume & refs to: Allergy and Asthma Associates Attn: Jill McReynolds, 46400 Benedict Drive, Sterling, VA 20164.